Graphic Designer's Plan

Timely response in Skype Communication *

Timely response on email *

Overall satisfaction of client with the work *

Timely completion of tasks *

Ability to perform tasks without superiors help *

Timely report of completed tasks *

Idea initiation/ Suggesting new things *

Knowledge of the domain and tools *

Self-development and positive attitude towards learning new things *

Attitude towards the colleagues (Helping and Friendly nature) *

Level of Multi-Tasking *

Level of understanding while explaining the client requirements *

Level of communication and quality of communication with clients, seniors and juniors. *

Quality of work summary and timeliness of work summary. *

Suggesting new technologies to save time and advance the level of work *

Regularity in presence *

Readiness to be flexible in leaving time *

Willingness to work over time *

Puntuality in informing in case of late coming or early going *

Mannerism in overall response with all employees of Emipro *

Is he/she a good listener ? *

Overall behaviour under company's premises (10 for good, 0 for not so good) *

Frequency of leaves (10 for less, 0 for more) *

Uninformed Leaves (10 for no Uninformed Leaves, 0 for too many) *