Sr. Employee Appraisal Form

Quick Response in Skype ? *

Level, confidence and hold of English while in Skype Chatting/Calling *

Readiness to have a Skype call *

Response from Client about employee *

Quick response in email *

Regularity in checking his/her own emails *

Level of Communication on email with Clients *

Email Formatting *

Description level of minute details in email *

Accuracy in development *

How good is he/she to deliver work within deadline? *

Are they testing their own work well enough ? *

Is he/she able to think solution by him/her self ? *

Are they frequently asking for help from seniors ? *

Put appropriate comment in source code ? *

Is he/she suggesting new ideas to senior/client while development ? *

Pro-activeness in taking feedback and followup from clients ? *

Level of Multi-Tasking(Readiness to accept other projects parallely) *

Too Much wrong arguments to cover their faults ? (10 for no argument, 0 for high level of argument) *

Sometimes unncessarily being too much descriptive while explaining the issues to manager ?(10 for very less descriptive, 0 for too much) *

Raising Communication Gaps between his/her subordinates, managers & Customer ? For example : Not updating about work status time to time (10 for no gap, and 0 for too much gap issue) *

His/Her approach to learn new things (apart from their own technology) ? *

Are they managing their Juniors good enough ? *

Are they good enough to take quality work from their juniors ? *

Are they managing their Junior's appraisal on time ? *

Maintain at least 7 Hr Task entries at daily basis ? *

Work Summary is not enough descriptive ? (10 for descriptive, 0 for no description) *

More than 1 Task entries per day ? *

Regularity in presence *

Readiness to be flexible in leaving time *

Willingness to work over time *

Puntuality in informing in case of late coming or early going *

Mannerism in overall response with all employees of Emipro *

Is he/she a good listener ? *

Overall behaviour under company's premises (10 for good, 0 for not so good) *

Frequency of leaves (10 for less, 0 for more) *

Uninformed Leaves (10 for no Uninformed Leaves, 0 for too many) *

Too much usage of Mobile / Social media platforms for personal usage during company work timings (10 for no usage, 0 for too much usage) *